Faith Short List Announced

V0045118 Kali trampling Shiva. Chromolithograph by R. Varma.

Five stories made it to the short list for Faith.  We’ve got two stories dealing with faith in a father figure, with very different outcomes, as well as a tale of rebellion at a kibbutz.  Matthew Harrison wonders what would happen if miracles started coming true, and his protagonist has to make a terrible decision to save the world, while a former militiaman thinks he may have found solace in religion.

We had hoped to represent all of the major religions so apologies if we’ve missed yours out.  It’s always a difficult process getting all of our submissions down to a short list, and we have picked what we think are the five best written stories over all from the ones that we received.

As promised, we can give you some quick stats on the submissions as well.  Total number was down on last time, but we still had fifty-five entries to choose from.  Our acceptance rate, if you look at subs to short listed stories, was a massive 9% this time around.  The good news is we much fewer stories that didn’t follow the guidelines, so hooray for the new Submittable account.  Looking forward to seeing all of your submissions for Joy.

Oh yes, and the short listed stories are here.

Call for Articles


While we’re all either working on, or waiting for, the Faith short-list, I thought I’d take some time just to mention that, in future, we’ll be looking for additional writing for the magazine.

We started eighteen months ago with a simple idea of providing the sort of writing competition that we would like to enter.  For nothing but your creative excellence … click here to continue reading

Escape: Winner Announced


Issue 9 cops We had six stories for “Escape” that we handed over to Anita Dellaria for judgement, and she has duly come back with a winner.

It looks like it was probably quite a difficult choice, and all of the stories received a positive review.  That’s pretty good going considering that Anita is a lawyer and editor, so everyone involved can buy themselves a drink and toast their own achievement.  It doesn’t have to be alcoholic.  One of the writers, however, will be … click here to continue reading

Introducing the Judges: Escape

Anita Dellaria

It’s nearly time to discover who will be walking away with the prize for the Escape issue so, in what is becoming a bit of a tradition, it’s time to find out where the judgement is coming from.

The woman in the picture to your left is Anita Dellaria, who is one of the founders and editors of Chicago-based literary magazine, Bird’s Thumb. Bird’s Thumb is an online literary journal dedicated to the discovery and publication of … click here to continue reading

New Submissions Process

Woman_with_Underwood_typewriterThere are a few updates to the existing submissions process, so I thought I’d take a bit of time to say what they are.  Ahead of detailing the changes I’d just reassure people that they are in place now but anyone who has already submitted to the Faith or Joy issues will not be penalised.  The old rules still apply for everyone who has already submitted.

First up is that now we’re on Submittable.  You can access the submissions form by going to the submissions tab in the menu and clicking on the link.  The good news for anyone submitting is that this now means you will receive and acceptance or rejection notice via submittable, as we have previously only been notifying people in the short list.  That has to be an improvement.

Next is that we are no longer accepting submissions in PDF format.  The reason for this is … click here to continue reading

Escape: Short List Announced


Hot on the heels of our last fleeing issue, “Bodies”, not even cold in the ground, we can announce the six short listed stories (for consideration by our soon-to-be-announced judges) for the “Escape” issue.

First up, following on from Bartleby Snopes’ generous posting of their submission stats, we have decided to do something similar for this last issue.  We don’t have a fancy-pants submission manager, sorry to say, so the stats are … click here to continue reading

Bodies: Winner Announced


Bodies are a funny old thing.  Foreign bodies, corporate bodies, astral bodies: none of the stories that were short listed dealt with any of these themes, showing how elastic (more elastic than the waist band of the guy in this picture) and broad (broader than… you get the idea) the theme could be.  We did have the body on body action interpretation, visceral and sensual, as well as it’s denial.  We had one of Frankenstein’s descendants trying to breathe life into the dead bodies of various men in order to create the perfect mate.  We had a lot of different takes on the theme, but only one winner as chosen by Sarah Cedeno of Animal magazine.

We will allow her to tell you all about her decision, and announce the latest winner, in the new issue posted here.

Submissions for “Escape” are closed; New theme is….


Hi Everyone.  Just a quick note to say that we are now closed to submissions for the Escape theme.  We are looking forward to reading through them over the next couple of weeks and coming up with a short list.  We will also shortly be announcing the winner of the Bodies issue, which has been confirmed with some fantastic feedback from our judge, Sarah.

I know that you are all itching to know what the new theme is, so I’ll get on with it.  Someone somewhere once said that “Happiness writes white; you don’t see it on the page”.  We are going to challenge that notion with are new theme “Joy”.  I suppose, for those envelope-pushers amongst you, that “Joy” is also a woman’s name, and a story about happiness needn’t be a happy one, but with the creative takes we’ve seen on subsequent themes we’re sure that you will all rise to the challenge and some of you will thrive on it.  So paint a metaphorical smile on your face and get writing, and at the end of August we can all skip, laughing, through brightly coloured rainbows of joy.

Oh, and sorry to be a buzz kill, but we’re still discounting about 10% of all submissions we get because they don’t follow the guidelines.  Before you submit, you may want to look here.