The Red Line is an online magazine publishing English Language short stories from International writers.

We run a free-to-enter, bi-monthly, themed competition which carries a fifty pound cash prize and is judged by different people every time.  These can be reading groups, editors of other magazines, writers, or maybe somebody with a specific interest in the theme.  At the end of each competition we turn all of the stories and the feedback into a magazine which is available for free on this website and via Issuu.

We aim to bring together people from all over the world to contribute and participate.  Quality fiction can take you out of your self for a time and show you a different way of looking at the world you live in.  We want to introduce writers who have this talent to new readers who want the experience of travelling, to a completely different city or community, or to inhabit a completely different person, all by simply turning pages (or clicking a mouse).


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  1. I would love to enter a piece, however I am not sure my genre would be acceptable. It fits all you wish in a story but the content is of an erotic nature

    • Hi Odette,

      Erotic is fine, pornographic is not. We don’t mind any kind of genre as long as it is well executed, original, and if it contains things that some people may find offensive has a reason for doing so.



    • Hi Lynden,

      Not at all. We have featured a number of British writers and at least one of them has won. By using the term “international” we are only trying to express that the competition is not confined to one country or another.


  2. Is this the place to ask how a submission is progressing? I submitted a short story in May ‘Hot Pants’ and would appreciate knowing where it is in the review queue?

    • Hi Derek,

      If you submitted via Submittable you can check there. Otherwise, check if the theme has passed. I do not remember your story being short listed I am afraid, and previous guidelines were that we would not respond individually and you should watch the site for the theme short list. Since July we have Submittable which has a tracking function.

      Sorry it’s bad news. Good luck in future, with us and elsewhere.


  3. Hi I am a from Pakistan. Can I write short stories here? In my school I have won many creative writing contest both in house and inter-branch. I am 14 years old. If i am eligible for any of your contests please tell me. I would be grateful if you do.

    • Hi Fatima, You are eligible. Anyone writing in English is free to submit. There are many submissions, though, and only the best get picked – your English is excellent for a fourteen year old, so please do not be upset if your story is not picked for the short list. Good luck! Josh

  4. Okay, so I entered in the Conflict writing “contest” for febuary. How am Ii suposed to know if I’ve won? Is there a certain time in which you will post the winner, or you will email me and tell me i didn’t win? and how soon should I be expecting a rejection or good news?

    • Hi Allexis, We are currently reading the entries. There were quite a few this time (one hundred and thirty) so it could take a few weeks. I would expect a short list towards the end of March.

    • Hi Hugh,

      Generally we don’t provide direct feedback if not selected. We do send out two types of rejection – standard which only says you were not selected, and then another one which explains that you came close. You can ask for feedback and, if our readers have left comments that we’re comfortable sharing, generally we’ll give you an idea. In order for feedback to be candid, though, you won’t get to see what was actually said – more a summary.

      Hope that helps,


  5. Will the selected work be published in a printed anthology? If yes, what is criteria for that? Sorry if people have already asked this! The magazine looks great! Keep up the good work!

    • We don’t do anything in print at the moment. It’s all on the site. If a winner or an editors pick you would be included in a very nicely presented document that would be available via the site. We may also use Kindle this year, in which case we may charge but we would have to draw up contracts for that and at the moment we don’t have a good enough grasp of what’s required to answer your question fully on that. As for copyright, we print on the site and in an Issuu magazine, which exists in perpetuity, but you have the rights to republish elsewhere as soon as we’ve posted it.

    • Hi Lucy, Creative non-fiction is okay if it has a wider appeal and strong narrative. Articles are accepted, but only short story related articles. We get a lot about whether women should wear the hijab, or about people’s parents (who are uniformly faultless) which we never publish. Hope that helps, Josh

  6. I submitted “Modern Love,” a 3,775-word short story, exclusively to Over the Red Line. on Aug. 6 and have heard nothing. Can you tell me if this short story is still of interest? Many thanks for any information you can provide.

    • Hi Walter, apologies – looks like it was archived without anyone responding. You should have received an email now – Josh

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